Termite Treatment – How To Get Rid Of Termites?

You must have seen some kind of insects feeding on the furniture in the house or on some dead plants and wood. Those insects are termites that destroy billions of dollars worth of property every year across the globe. They feed on woods, plants, paper, and even clothes. There are more than 2000 termite species on earth but the most common among them found in homes are- Subterranean termites, Dampwood termites, and Drywood termites. These pests mostly emerge in the spring season due to the moisture and warm temperatures. During this period they start mutation and begin their new colonies in the soil. The attack by the termites also depends on the location of your building. Some places are at more risk than others due to the active natural presence of termites in that area. Your multi-million investment might be destroyed by these insects if you are not aware of their presence.

How To Identify The Presence Of Termites In Your Homes?

While termites do their work deep under the wood without being detected, there are many ways to identify their presence. They shed their wings before the mutation, which can be found on the ground or any other surface of the building. They also build their own mud tube which is a kind of thick line of soil extending over the wall, used by them as a bridge between their colonies and the wooden structures they consume. You can also check if the wooden structures are damaged and hollowed, with the presence of soil lining which is a typical feature of termites.

Different Termite Treatments

These days people are using a number of methods to prevent termite attacks because they provide instant protection from the damage which lasts several years. There are various ways for termite control. You can either use the pre-construction methods or treat them after the infestation. The former is gaining popularity throughout the world as it saves a lot more cost and protects the structure from the damage of insects.

Following are some pre-construction methods for termite treatment:

Soil Treatment

Since the soil is in direct contact with the building, it is advisable to treat the soil before the foundation is laid, which is done by injecting chemicals into the soil. These chemicals create a barrier between the soil and the building which prevents their entry.

Termite Baits

These are cellulose-based food combined with a slow-acting substance which is deadly for termites. These are installed in cylindrical plastic stations below the ground. The consumption of the baits results in a decline in the number of insects.

Lumber Treatment

Similar to the treatment of the soil, the lumber used in the construction of the structure can be treated by applying liquid chemicals on the surface of the wood. It also acts as a barrier between termites and wood.

Termite resistance material

The use of termite resistance material in place of the wood is one of the best preventive methods. The insects can not detect the smell, taste, or any other kind of presence of the resistance material and protects the structure from damage.

Using Concrete Base Barrier

Wood to soil contact can be eliminated or limited by using a concrete base as a barrier.

Often questions arise regarding the safety of the pesticides used for the prevention of termites. Users ask about any harm of chemicals to human beings or other animals. To clear the doubt, the registered pesticide products pose no threat to human beings, animals, or the environment only if used according to prescribed directions. These kinds of products are tested extensively to check their effects on plants, animals, and other living beings. Manufacturers and other government bodies also conduct numerous studies on their use. These are really toxic and do harm if not used according to directions. You can use other methods that do not require chemicals, such as creating a concrete base or using termite resistance material.

There are also post-construction treatment methods that mainly involve chemicals to be applied. One of the methods is to drill holes in the floor and fill them with chemicals. Another way is to replace the damaged part of the structure with new ones and apply chemicals to them.
Take immediate action as soon as you are aware of the presence of termites.

Termite Cleaning Services

If you are not familiar with the processing of handling termites, there are many termite control services you can choose from. Hiring these professionals that provide termite treatments is one of the best ways to get rid of them. RPA’s termite treatment service is effective and ensures that your home does not get ruined by the presence of Termites. If your home is suffering from Termite Infestation, call for our Pest Control for Termite solution to repair your home.